Steamers Crabs


At Steamers, we specialize in Chesapeake Bay & Maryland river crabs. We pride ourselves in our preparation of those crabs, in the true, Maryland Eastern Shore way. Our crabs are steamed and spiced with J.O. #2. (J.O. #2 is similar to Old Bay but it is a more coarse seasoning blend so it sticks to the crabs better).

All of our crabs are individually sorted by size and weight. We take out all of the crabs that do not meet our strict standards and sell them in our Seconds. All of our crabs are cooked to order, we do not pre-steam or double steam.



Crab Sizing Info


It is important that when you call any estabilshment for their crab prices, you find out what their measurments are for the different sizes of crabs they carry, as sizes and categories vary from restaurant to restaurant.

Our crabs are sized as follows:


Medium 5" - 5.5"

Medium/Large 5.5" - 6"

(medium/large is a size category of crabs,

not a mix of medium and large crabs)

Large 6" - 6.5"

XLarge 6.5" - 7"


Ordering Crabs

We are only taking same day crab orders at this time. Please call us when we open each day to place your order for a pickup later in the day.


Steamers Seconds

When we sort our crabs, we're not only looking for the size, but the weight of the crab as well. Any of those crabs that do not meet our standards are put into what we call our Seconds and are sold for a lower price than our regular crabs. These crabs are sometimes watery which occurs when a crab that is not full of meat is steamed. We do not take complaints or offer refunds on these crabs.


Seconds are a great option for groups with lots of kids (order yourselves our regular crabs & give the kids the seconds, they'll keep the kids busy picking while saving Mom & Dad money on dinner). They're also a favorite of many of our customers suffering from joint pain as they are easier to pick than our regular crabs. They're also great for making your own soups and stocks. 


Why don't you have more jumbos?


We specialize in Maryland crabs, and while we do see larger river crabs from time to time, the X-Large & Jumbo crabs are not as prevalent as they would be if we sourced our crabs from Texas and Louisana. We take pride in offering our customers great local crabs. 

And don't forget, a big crab isn't always a good crab and a good crab isn't always a big crab!


What are those black or brown spots on the

bottom of my crabs?


You might hear crab aficionados talk about how great their heavy, black crabs were (often referred to as rusty bellies). When you see dark brown or black marks on the underside of a crab's shell it is generally a sign that the crab is packed full of meat and will soon shed and develop into a new, larger shell. So next time you're feasting, don't worry, your crabs aren't burnt (we couldn't even burn them in our steamers if we tried!), they're just full of meat. 


A Note on Allergies

We think the best way to eat crabs and shrimp are when they're steamed with crab spice. However, we understand that allergies or dietary restrictions preclude some of our patrons from enjoying seafood that way. If anyone in your party has a severe allergy to any of the ingredients in J.O. #2 we suggest they order pizza instead, just kidding! (But not really!) J.O. is a gluten and MSG free spice blend.

Our crabs and other cooked items are prepared in large steampots in an open kitchen so there is always a chance of any item coming into contact with other seafood items or spices during the cooking process. If you are concerned about this, we suggest you consult with your physician or order your items raw. Although we strive to serve all of our customers needs, we cannot guarantee any of our menu items against severe allergies and we do not recommend ordering any cooked items for people with severe allergies of any kind. 


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