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How to order at Steamers:

We know ordering can be confusing and a little crazy. Here are some steps and tips to try to help make your experience as easy as possible. 

Does your order include steamed or live blue crabs?

• Crabs are available for same day ordering only. We generally have no idea how many or what size crabs we have available until just before we open each day. Please call or stop by after we open to place your order for pick-up later in the same day.

• If you're looking for large or x-large crabs, they tend to sell out the fastest, usually as soon as we open each day. If you're looking for medium or med/large crabs, you're generally fine calling a few minutes after we open (as long as it's not a holiday weekend when there's always higher overall demand).

• We always take orders from customers lined up at the door before we begin answering the phones. Most days there are only a handful of people in line, but on holidays expect long lines and long wait times to get through on the phone. 


• Keep an eye on the weather on the Chesapeake Bay. If it's windy or stormy, chances are it will impact our crab supply the following day. 

• There's no need to start calling before we open. Our phones are set to automatically turn on at the minute we open and we will not begin answering them until then. It usually takes us at least 5 minutes on quiet days and up to 30+ on busier days to make it through the line at the door and begin answering the phones anyway. 

• Just because you can't get through on the phone doesn't necessarily mean we're sold out. 


• If you're looking to place an order that does not include steamed or live blue crabs, please call or stop by after 3 on weekdays and after 12 on weekends.

• We usually have plenty of our other menu items are not at risk of selling out as quickly as we do the crabs. You can place a days in advance order for any of these other menu items, call or stop by at the times referenced above to do so. Avoiding our opening hour will make your ordering process faster and easier.

• Or make it really easy on yourself and sign up for our weekly emails and get access to our pre-order form for anything but blue crabs.


• We aim to sell out of our market items by closing time at the end of our work week (Sundays in the season, Saturdays in the off season). If you know you want to pick up some of these items at the end of the day, call a few days ahead (after 3 on weekdays and 12 on weekends) and we'll be happy to set them aside for you. 

• Our website is updated daily with our fresh fish selection. It is the best place to visit to find out what's fresh in the case for the day. We're always happy to answer any questions but we're very understaffed and it's always easier to start by checking the website for any info you need.

• If you're just stopping by to grab some fresh fish or other market items, try to stop by on the quarter hour (for example, 3:45, 5:15, etc.). All of our steamed items are set for timed pickups on the hour and half hour so by avoiding those times you'll save potentially having to wait in a long line (we'll always prioritize waiting on customers who have preordered cooked food that's ready to go).

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